Academia Aesthetics

Our Academia Aesthetics Collection contains stationery from the various Academia inspired aesthetics such as Light Academia and Dark Academia as well as other aesthetic subgenres.

What is Academia Aesthetic?

The Academia Aesthetic stems from Dark Academia which is an aesthetic social media trend that focuses on creating the feel and visual style elements that's influenced by literature and study, poetry and writing as well as art. Dark Academia has darker autumnal colour tones and takes inspiration from European academia of the past. Visual elements can include clothing (tweed jackets, vests, cardigans, skirts and dresses in dark or neutral tones). Drinking tea or coffee as you study, writing poetry and letters and your thoughts in notebooks. Candles and dark moody rooms.

Light Academia is the opposite in colour and focuses on the more softer and lighter side of Dark Academia. So think sitting in warm sunshine reading in the season of spring.

There are also other subgenre aesthetics such as Princesscore, Royalcore, Cottagecore among many others.

Use our Epically Beautiful stationery to enhance your daily aesthetic life.

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