White Ink Gel Pens


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Have you come across our darker coloured stationery envelopes that's part of our letter-writing sets and wondered how to write on them since regular blue and black pens will not show clearly? 

We now stock white ink gel pens that will contrast nicely and clearly against the darker envelopes. The gel pens have a fine tip with a line of 0.5mm.

Handy Tip! To open and close the pen with ease, hold the cap and the pen then twist it as you pull them apart.

To replace the cap, twist and push the cap and pen together until you hear it click. (The magic is in the twisting action).



  • Number of pens per pack: 1
  • Ink colour: White
  • Pen type: Fine tip, gel
  • Line size: 0.5mm
  • Suitable to use on: Dark coloured envelopes and paper such as red, navy and black.