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You stare at the tv screen and marvelled at the movie set in the Victorian steampunk era. You admire their creativity with how they built things, their smart ideas cobbled together with the use of industrial cogs and machinery and using what they had at hand. But most of all, you admired the steampunk style clothes they wore.

There's a steampunk event coming up in a few months and you've made up your mind to attend. But FIRST! You needed a good costume.

You grab a pen and the DL size notepad next to you that had a steampunk cogs design. You tap your pen on the pad and gazed at the text on it The Little Pad of Genius Ideas. 

You continue to tap your pen as the ideas flowed to you for the styles and what materials you'll need to make your steampunk costume. You begin to write down a list... Oh this was going to be so much fun!



  • Paper notepad stationery
  • Contains 50 premium white extra smooth sheets
  • DL size (99 x 210mm)
  • Glue bound at the top
  • Sheets are plain and unlined
  • Eco friendly and recyclable
  • Made in England

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