White Stationery Paper with Envelopes | Minimalist Range

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Sitting by the window you gaze out at the falling snow gently fluttering to earth.

One thing you love seeing is the undisturbed blanket of snow that covers everything all pristine and white. It's as though mother nature is snuggled under a blanket trying to keep warm. 

You gaze down at the A5 plain white letter paper sitting in front of you. It reminded you of the pristine white snow outside all crisp and clean. You loathe to spoil it, but this letter needed to be written. Placing the point of the pen onto the paper, you begin the first stroke of ink. 

This writing set is a perfect choice if you love the clean minimalist look, and it's also excellent if you're a creative arty letter-writer who loves to add you own 'personal touch' of artwork to your letters.

Doodles, stickers, and whatever you want to add, it's like a blank canvas for your imagination.



Each set contains:

  • 10 A5 plain stationery paper sheets
  • 6 120gsm V flap modern envelopes (3 smooth white and 3 textured white laid)

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