Modern Grey To-do List Notepads | Minimalist Range


Sitting in your large office, you gaze out the expanse of floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the cityscape below. A million things run through your mind, swirling and chaotic.

So. Much. To. Do.

Allow our Epically Beautiful modern-grey minimalist to-do list notepads to help be your mindful assistants sorting out the chaotic thoughts and putting things into clearer perspective and priority.

Let your mind breathe so that you can stay focused on your daily tasks.

Our notepads are designed in a way that is clean and uncluttered but has an air of professional sophistication. Nothing fancy to distract you, just simple grey lines and a To-Do List title against a clean white backdrop. 


  • Paper notepad stationery
  • Contains 50 premium white extra smooth sheets
  • DL size (99 x 210mm)
  • Glue bound at the top
  • Eco friendly and recyclable
  • Made in England

 We also have a classic gold version of this notepad here.