Gilded Astronomy Luxury Wrapping Paper Set (5 sheets 660mm x 480mm)


In the large observatory, you sit at your large oak wood desk. For once, it was cleared and tidy. You needed the space.

A special gift needed wrapping!

A fellow astronomer, and dear friend, had an upcoming birthday, and you had bought them something special.

A brand new astronomy themed notebook! 

Grabbing the sheet of Gilded Astronomy themed wrapping paper you admire the design of a dark blue sky filled with Steampunk style golden stars and mystical moons. It will match the notebook theme perfectly.

You eagerly begin to carefully wrap the notebook. 

Happy birthday dear friend, happy birthday.



  • Gilded Astronomy luxury gift wrap paper sheets
  • Number of sheets per pack: 5
  • Sheet dimension: 660mm x 480mm (fits small and medium items)
  • Material and weight: 115gsm silk paper
  • Recyclable
  • Posted rolled up to avoid creases
  • Made in England