Gilded Astronomy | A4 Letter-Writing Sets


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Gazing through the giant telescope in your observatory, you marvel in wonder at the new distant twinkling light. Could it be? Yes! Yes!

A new discovery!

Full of excitement, you rush down the platform steps and into the main hall to where your large messy desk resides, you grab your pen.

Paper, paper! Where is the writing paper?!

Pulling out the drawer, you look down and see this deep gold and dark navy colour catch your eye. The design was one of the beautiful night sky, enchanting moon and stars and full of mysteries. How fitting for an astronomer!

Placing your pen to the A4 letter paper, you begin to write to your closest friend and confidant to share in your newest discovery.


Each set contains:

  • 10x A4 Gilded Astronomy writing-paper sheets
  • Plain body and unlined
  • 8x envelopes (4 small A6 120gsm gold textured and 4 medium 110gsm A5 navy)
  • White ink gel pen add-on: Optional (select from dropdown menu)

Tip! Use white ink gel pens on the navy blue envelopes.

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