Getting Sh*t Done! Notepad

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There are certain days when you cannot be bothered with the world, but things still need to be done. A bit of motivation can go a long way. 

You roll yourself out of bed and grab the message notepad on your desk and grin when you see the bold header at the top — The Little Pad of Getting Sh*t Done!

First item you scribble down: MAKE COFFEE.

Our fun notepads with a charming ace of spade design and the text The Little Pad of Getting Sh*t Done! are for the adults who want something humorous but still motivating to get the day started.



  • Paper notepad stationery
  • Contains 50 premium white extra smooth sheets
  • DL size (99 x 210mm)
  • Glue bound at the top
  • Sheets are plain and unruled
  • Eco friendly and recyclable
  • Designed and made in England

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