Art Deco Wrapping Paper Set - Small Fan (5 sheets 700mm x 500mm)

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The year is 1920.

As you walk into the large ballroom, laugher and jazz music greet your ears. You smile in greeting at a few of the acquaintances you know who salute you with their glasses of champagne in acknowledgement.

You head for the table nearest the stage and sit down. A flute of champagne is placed in front of you with a crisps white napkin. Thanking the waiter, you turn your attention back to the stage and gaze at the performance.

You admire the glittery costumes of feathers and sequins and the hand-held fans the performers used as a prop to hide and tease as they danced.

Our elegant gift wrap paper takes inspiration from the 1920s New York era. It's a feeling of glitz and glamour, a place of sophistication, a place of dreams.

Our art deco style wrapping paper is suitable to use for wrapping gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, thank yous and even Christmas if you fancy something a little bit different to the usual Christmas imagery.

This is the smaller and more subtle looking version wrapping paper of the fan design.



  • Art Deco gift wrap paper style: Fan Design (Small)
  • Number of sheets per pack: 5
  • Sheet dimension: 700mm x 500mm (Approx 27" x 19")
  • Material and weight: 120gsm uncoated recycled paper
  • Recyclable
  • Posted rolled up to avoid creases
  • Made in England

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