A4 Muffin and Peach Cat Notepad | Pure of Heart


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 Designer's note: These notepads are inspired by and dedicated to the real-life Muffin and Peach kitties I am bless to know.

We're furry and we're small, which makes you love us more. We're great at keeping you warm in winter and a silent nearby companion while you work on your computer.

We show you affection and attention, even when you least expect it, we purr and we meow, we love you unconditionally because we are pure of heart.

These cute A4 cat-themed notepads are for all the cat lovers out there. 

Use these stationery notepads to jot down your shopping list for your cats. New cat bed? New toys? New cat food to try? 

Alternatively, use these notepads for yourself to jot down your important notes and they also double as lovely letter-writing paper to your penfriend.



  • A4 size stationery notepads
  • 50 sheets glue bound at the top
  • Printed on 120gsm premium paper
  • Can also be used as letter-writing paper
  • Made in England