Using your text and images, I turn them into a one-of-a-kind book gift that is thoughtful, unique, and timeless.  - Suzanne (book designer).


Custom-made books

Books are something that is timeless and magical, they are like little portals that can transport the reader into new worlds, emotions and forgotten memories.

So with that in mind, why not create a personal gift that is one-of-a-kind and will be treasured for years to come.

Our bespoke books are perfect for all occasions such as:

- Anniversaries

- Birthdays

- Engagements and weddings

- Christmas

- A special gift for a friend

- Or just as a keepsake book for yourself


Everyone has a story to tell, and what better place than a book to hold in all their stories?


Excellent for:

Passionate about books and storytelling, let me help you create a book that tells your story - Suzanne.


Working with me, Suzanne, (yes, that's me in the pic!) your book will be professionally designed to the highest of standards using your submitted text and photos. No template layouts are ever used, it is designed entirely from scratch to ensure its uniqueness.

After the proofing and corrections stage, your book is then printed and bound into your choice of either a softback or hardback book(s).

Prices for custom-made books start from £895.00 (depending on number of books required and size of the job).

Have an idea for a book gift? Get in touch with me using the contact form below to discuss and for a quote.


Please note: I only take on a very limited amount of custom book jobs as I prefer to dedicate my time and attention to the project and working with my clients.

Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment as spaces do fill up quickly. Once they are all booked up, no further work will be accepted until spaces open up again.


Submission process and format:

Get in touch first before submitting.

Every book project I work on is different, so to ensure I give a fair price to the specifications I'm working with, I prefer to quote on sight of manuscript.

If possible, it would be good to see the full manuscript in Microsoft Word file that contains text and images as it'll give me a good overview of what your project is about. It doesn't have to be neat or tidy, I just need to see what I'm working with.

Please make sure you have permission to use any photos that are to be in your book to avoid copyright issues.



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