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Top 3 Ways to Tie a Bow with Ribbon on Gift Boxes

Top 3 Ways to Tie a Bow with Ribbon on Gift Boxes

When it comes to gift giving on special occasions, it can be tricky knowing how to make the presentation perfect and increasing the "Oooo!" factor.

Using ribbons can make a big difference!


There are different methods to tying a perfect bow. We've selected our top 3 Youtube video tutorials on how to tie a bow with a ribbon. We've tried these out ourselves and have taken into consideration how easy it is to implement and how the bow looks at the end.


#3 Tie a Bow on a Small Gift Box 

If your present is a small box, here is a good video tutorial for how to tie a ribbon easily. Within a few loops you'll have a beautiful perfect bow! Because the box is small, you might find it a bit fiddly at first with your fingers, but with practice you'll soon get the hang of it.


#2 Easily Tie a Perfect Bow!

This is another simple and easy tutorial we found on how to tie the perfect bow. It works well because if you're feeling very fancy and want to add a bit extra, you can include an extra decoration as a feature such as the mini spoon. You can also use flowers, maybe a candy cane if it's a Christmas present etc. 


#1 The Tiffany Bow

The Tiffany bow is one of our favourite ways to tie a bow. We use it often for our own boxed packaging. The width size of your ribbon will alter how your bow looks, but you'll get a similar look to the one in the video.



We hope these tutorials will be helpful to you and you can use them as reference whenever you next come to wrap up your presents.



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