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Personalised Notepads - v2.0 Taking it to the next level!

Personalised Notepads - v2.0 Taking it to the next level!

Years ago when I worked for a printing company, we used to have these little plain DL sized notepads with our company name and contact details on it. It was done as a marketing thing to try and get our name out there and to stick in our customer's mind as they used our pads. We'd create a load of pads and put one in as a freebie with customer orders.

Why did we use notepads? A lot of businesses found them useful; scrawling phone numbers, messages and notes or doodling during the quiet periods when boredom set in (Joke!). As staff members, we got to keep 1 or 2 for our own use (I would use them to create lists and keep track of all the projects I had going for different customers). They were helpful, functional and did the job; but to me as a stationery lover, it wasn't really something that stood out. In truth, they were kinda boring! But! It was what the company had always used, so as designers we just kept to their design choice.

People used the pads because it's there (they're useful!) but I often wondered how many will remember us amongst all the other freebie pads they got given.

Enter Version 2.0!

Now that I have my own stationery brand, I get to design something that is entirely my own creation and straight from my own imagination. I created The Little Pad series inspired by those boring plain pads. These are my versions, 2.0. I wanted my versions to still be functional, but also a pleasure for my customers to use (from the unique designs). I also wanted them to have a positive and encouraging element to them. It's why they have a phrase at the top.

I created some promotional versions to test out, I had my logo and website neatly placed on the bottom and it didn't detract from the rest of the design. I gave some out to various businesses and the feedback has been one of excitement and pleasure when they saw them.

Your Own Personalised Notepads

Fancy your own personalised DL notepads? They make lovely personalised wedding favour gifts, or if you're a business looking for your own branded marketing pads why use boring pads when you can go for some Epically Beautiful ones and really get noticed?

Feel free to contact me if you want your own personalised notepads. Enquiries for bespoke work welcome.