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A Special Gift for the Bride from the Hens

A Special Gift for the Bride from the Hens

So around early 2017, a lady got in touch with me about a special project she had wanted creating. She, along with a group of bridesmaids had wanted to present the bride with a special gift on their hen night. It would be a one-of-a-kind book filled with personal messages to the bride and photos charting the bride's journey in life and all the lovely people she met in the different stages of her life right up to the part where she met her future husband to be. It was a book of love, cherished memories along with a dash a delicious recipes submitted by the people in her life.

It was a project I was happy to take on and bring it all to life... to be a part of their journey even though I'd never met them before. We wanted the book to be perfect and as any good book designer will tell you, quality takes time, patience, good creative skills and an eye for the details.

When designing books, I use the digital photos and text submitted by the client then I work my magic.

For this book, it was an A4 hardback book. My client wanted the book to be in a few chapter sections dedicated to the different time periods/life stages and designed like a cookery book. After setting up the photos, to keep the design consistent throughout, I placed personal messages in a white text box with filigree-style frame borders for an elegant look.

The page background colour was different for each person's submitted section. I'll let you in on a little secret that people probably haven't noticed... The background colours I colour picked from that chapter's main intro image 😉 It keeps the colours consistent and flows better visually. For example the orange from the picture above would be from the colours in the pancake part.


Once the book was designed, and the client had proofread it, I made any minor adjustments required it was then printed and bound.

Presentation is important at the end stage, so I boxed it up in a presentation gift box, added tissue paper, and finished it off with a ribbon. Another enjoyable project done!



If you have an idea for a bespoke book gift for someone, why not get in touch with me (Suzanne) using the contact page and lets see what we can create together.